• American Eagle American Eagle .22 LR 38 Grain Copper-Plated HP High Velocity (400-Rounds)


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Brand: American Eagle

American Eagle (by Federal).22 Long Rifle, HP, 38 grain, 400 round brick. Simply some of the best ammo for .22 rifles and revolvers on the market today.

Hitting the range this weekend? Take along several boxes of your favorite American Eagle load. You'll find our American Eagle Rimfire Rifle choices very suitable for precision practice and an affordable option for the target board. Available in contemporary calibers and a couple of classics, you'll enjoy the accuracy you'll see with AE rifle loads.

  • Caliber- 22 Long Rifle
  • Bullet Weight- 38
  • Grains / Grams- 2.46
  • Bullet style-Copper Plated Hollo Point
  • Use-Target Practice, Small Game hunting, Plinking
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