• Badlands APX Quiet Reaper Day Pack Backpack


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The Badlands Quiet Reaper Hunting Backpack was designed specifically for use in a tree stand, where limited space can make trying to reach for or stow gear particularly tricky. The Reaper offers an ingenious easy-open main compartment that can be operated with one hand and quickly sealed shut with a flip of the wrist. This pack is constructed of a proprietary fabric developed by Badlands called Mutex™, which is guaranteed to stay soft and quiet in even the most extreme hunting conditions. Revolutionary Mutex™ is then backed with a sound-absorbing, acoustical foam, all but muting any internal sound caused by your gear. As with all Badlands Silent Series Packs, there are also no buckles or zippers to give you away when silence matters most.

Silent Mutex™

Fabric AirTrack™ Suspension

No External Buckles or Zippers

Tree Stand Friendly

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