• Bear Wild Compound Bow Right Hand 60#
  • Bear Wild Compound Bow Right Hand 60#


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For those that simply don't believe in the adage that you get what you pay for, the Bear Wild is the exception to that rule. The Wild brings Bear technology, decades of bow building experience, a deep commitment to value and to deliver a ton of performance at an unmatched price. Easy single-cam smoothness with a comfortable let-off enhances steady aim. Energy intense Bear Flared Quad Limbs, deliver lethal power and an option to accessorize with more, for less. Ready To Hunt (RTH) package includes: Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Trophy Ridge 4-Pin Sight Trophy Ridge 5 Arrow Quiver Trophy Ridge Stabilizer & Sling Peep sight D-Loop IBO Speed Rating: 310 FPS Draw Weight: 60-70 lb Axle-to-axle Length: 32.25" Mass Weight: 4 lb Let Off: 80% Brace Height: 7.25" Draw Length Range: 24" - 31" Draw Length Modules Included: Rotating module Cam Type: S7 Single Cam Riser Material: Aluminum String Material: Not Provided by Manufacturer

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Sakoieta Widrick 06-10-2017 00:20

Having been a Fred Bear fan for life I have owned several Bear bows, the Kodiak Magnum and Bear Grizzly Re curve bow. I was given a Bear whitetail Hunter Compound bow a few years ago and lent it to a friend who needed it for hunting sustenance for his family. When I walked into triggers and Bows I was met very hospitably and when I asked for a Bear Bow was given the Bear "Wild" Compound bow. It was set up for me and in the number of times I have gone to the range my wife and I have really enjoyed the friendliness and just a good atmosphere from staff and people there. Shooting at the Archery Range has been enjoyable and we both have been invited back to become part of the Adult Shooting League. This has caused us to pay a full years membership. As Indian people we have seldom felt this type of acceptance and friendship offered to us. We look forward to becoming loyal patrons and customers of this excellent shop. Niawenhkó:wa. Great Thanks.