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At Excalibur its crossbow hunters who build crossbows. They strive to make the most efficient, reliable, and accurate hunting crossbow that money can buy. Their ideas don’t come from engineers, they come from experience, and nothing leaves our drawing board without being subject to extensive testing.

With Excalibur, accuracy is a guarantee! They guarantee that each and every bow we produce is capable of shooting groups of 3″ or less at 25 yards using broadheads

Their lightning fast recurve limbs turn out more speed than compound systems with a fraction of the weight, noise, or mechanical failures. Their trigger mechanism has a pull that would make your rifle jealous, and the bows have a composite and aluminium stock that is virtually indestructible. Excalibur builds crossbows that can weather all the abuse a hunter can hand out, and still deliver the speed, accuracy and reliability that you need for a lifetime of service.

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  • Mossy Oak Break-up
  • Forest Camo
  • Realtree xtra
  • Realtree
  • Medium Game
  • Large Game
  • Deer
  • Target Shooting
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