Quantum PT Hot Sauce Reel Oil 4 fl oz

PT Hot Sauce Reel Oil 4 fl oz

Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil bonds molecularly with metal surfaces forming a perma..
Quantum Accurist 7'2" MH 2-Piece Spinning Rod ATS725XFA

Accurist 7'2" MH 2-Piece Spinning Rod ATS725XFA

Designed for shaky head and drop shot fishing, these medium to medium-heavy HSX5..
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Fishing is a series of tests. Some days it’s your skill. Other times, it’s the elements testing your resolve. Quantum rods and reels are proven in the lab and in competition. But it’s the real world where the standard is set. Because out there, you need gear that’s hard working and smooth-performing with every cast, crank and catch — tested to go beyond limits, so you can reach beyond yours.


Tested in the lab. Proven in competition.

To ensure our rods and reels hold up to our exacting standards, we pit them against a battery of tests designed to push them to the brink and beyond. Then, to prove that it adds up to real world performance, our pros put them through the ringer of high-intensity competition — providing additional feedback and filling up the trophy case along the way.


Hard WorkingKeeps Working Hard

Rock-solid construction, with incredibly tough components able to withstand years of hard fishing use and abuse without ever losing feel or performance — whether it’s the stress of daily use, being tossed around in the back of a pickup or boat, or whatever else you run into just doing your thing.


Hard WorkingGives You The Power To Go Hard

Killer casts. Beefy breaking. Everything you need to go full beast-mode when you’ve got a monster on the line. Whether you’re winching a big fish out of cover, or standing your ground on a bone-jarring hookset, these features are designed to make you an unstoppable force on the water.


Hard WorkingWorks Hard Wherever, Whenever

Take-anywhere, do-everything tackle. Adaptable and configurable features suited for a diverse set of applications — giving you the tools you need to conquer nearly any challenge across an almost limitless range of fishing scenarios.


No matter how rough-and-tumble things get, we believe your gear should always maintain its same original feel and quality — staying smooth cast after cast. At Quantum, when we talk about a rod or reel being smooth performing, that comes down to a few different qualities you can look out for when shopping for gear.


Smooth Performingfishes smooth and feels smoother.

The magic carpet ride of casting and catching. Allows for absolutely fluid and effortless actions, while providing buttery-smooth feel and performance across all aspects of the product experience that’s sustained well beyond the lifetime of the rod or reel.


Smooth Performingis built for better balance.

Expertly crafted and tuned for effortless and even performance. Balances power with lightness, rigidity with sensitivity — offering the perfect marriage of opposing principles, without trade-offs or compromise.


Smooth Performingmakes you a smooth operator on the water.

A triple threat of performance, accuracy, and speed. Lets you respond quickly and nimbly to any nibble or wriggle with exacting precision and ability — so that you always have total control no matter how the situation develops.

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