• Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbow Kit w/ Crank 390FPS


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  • 10"Rail system for Accessory Mounting
  • Maneuverable 7.25 lbs weight
  • Releases bolts at a blazing 390 fps with up to 142 ft-lb of kinetic energy
  • Features Badlands Approach camo

The Piledriver 390 features a compact design that delivers superior handling and performance. It weighs 7.25 lbs, but don't let its size fool you - it's powerful, fast and clocks in at 390 fps with a crushing 142 foot-pounds of bone breaking kinetic energy. The Piledriver features an advanced trigger for a crisp and consistent trigger pull, while the 10" Picatinny rail system gives you both adjustability and customization. Built with premium components, designed for balance and power, the Piledriver delivers maximum responsiveness in the field.

Ready to Hunt Kit Includes:

  • Rope cocker
  • Quick Detach 3 Arrow Quiver
  • 3 PileDriver 20" Crossbolts
  • Rail Lubricant
  • 3 Practice Points
  • 4x32 Scope
  • Quiet Crank cocking device
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