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  • Cross Industries Cross Industries 10/10 Dual 10 Round AR-15 Pistol Magazines


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UPC: 885756101214
Manufact. SKU: CM10-AR15P-55645-BKC
Availability: In stock (25)
Brand: Cross Industries

Caliber: .223 REM / 5.56x45 NATO
Style: LAR Pistol 10-Round
Construction: Polymer

Includes: (2) 10 round coupling magazines

Cross strives to re-engineer the overlooked. They’ve brought together the brightest minds to provide AR15 Pistol owners with an alternative to the common, yet underperforming 10 round magazines.

Cross Industries prides themselves in unprecedented magazine capacity, as well as the highest standards for material durability; so you can reliably Return More Fire™.

These magazines are made of some extremely tough polymers. Its unique properties allow virtually no change in mechanical properties from 73f/20c to -22f/-30c, whereas most polymer materials used for magazines have between .125-.25 the strength at -22f/-30c compared to room temperature. This gives Cross on average 3-8x better impact resistance than competitive materials at -22f/-30c

So whether you're shooting in the Summer Sun or enjoying a tranquil January hunt, these magazines will keep working as long as you want to keep shooting.

- Unmatched Cold Weather Materials - Designed to perform in the frigid north, our polymer is a new to market material that is specially formulated for cold weather impact resistance
- Transparent - Knowledge is power. Seeing what's inside gives you an advantage over any possible competition

Advanced Coupling System:
- No additional tools required to reconfigure
- Integrated angle makes it possible to have the 2 major configurations, curved and straight
- Bi-directional floorplates allow another 2 possible configurations

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