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  • Eagle Claw Removable Lead Split Shot Sinker


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UPC: 047708703116
Manufact. SKU: 02010-001
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On a slow fishing day in the 1920's, Drew McGill encountered a bird of prey that caused him to rethink the shape of the common fishhook. Now over 90 years later, Eagle Claw continues to carry on a legacy of integrity, honesty, and American heritage. As the last hook in the world to be manufactured in the United States, Eagle Claw offers an extremely price competitive product without compromising quality or attention to detail. From its humble beginnings, Eagle Claw has grown into one of the most widely recognized brands in the fishing industry. Today Eagle Claw provides anglers with numerous choices of hooks and terminal tackle for an array of species, spanning both fresh and saltwater fishing.

Specifications and Features:

  • Eagle Claw Removable Split-Shot Sinker
  • 60 Pack
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