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  • Gamo Magnum Jungle .177 w/ Scope 1250 fps


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UPC: 793676089935
Manufact. SKU: 6110061-JC54
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Gamo’s G-Magnum 1250 Jungle has been developed to satisfy the growing market of users that require an accurate, powerful and highly equipped airgun without losing the lightness and compactness of smaller and less powerful weapons. This carbine has been designed with the aim of offering the optimal combination of power, precision and firing comfort. Formed by a noticeably long standard barrel and a muscle-looking ergonomic stock, the G-Magnum 1250 Jungle presents an atypical design within its category, which seeks to offer a perfect balance between brutal firing power (reaching 45 Joules) and an extreme precision grade which could only be achieved by low-powered competition airguns. This milestone could be satisfactory reached thanks to an unusually long barrel, which allows the pellet to establish a firm and precise trajectory. But... What about the recoil? Well, every weapon endowed with a remarkable power grade tends to present a certain recoil level, for this reason, Gamo has included two of its most effective recoil reducing technologies, the SWA™ recoil absorption system, which improves the user's comfort and shooting experience and the worldwide known RRR™ scope protection system. SWA™: Gamo’s shockwave absorver is based on a removable pad system which provides up to 74% more absorption than traditional recoil pads. This innovative technology allows the shooter to adjust the recoil reduction level of the rifle's stock by pulling out its three rubber panels, allowing him to set his own preferences.

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