• Hard Core Hard Core Pre-Rigged Standard Mallard Decoys (6-Pack)


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Brand: Hard Core


ArmorCoat Paint System

36” Texas Rigs with 4 oz Ball Weights

Unique natural head positions

Life-like appearance

High-definition feather detailing

Extremely durable

Your gear has to be as Hard Core as you are. To be a true Hard Core hunter, you need Hard Core decoys. Hard Core's exclusive ArmorCoat™ paint schemes, using the widest array of colors on the market, means that these decoys not only look amazing, but the paint is durable, taking all the abuse Hard Core hunters can dish out, season after season. Some of the biggest names in the hunting industry have made the switch to Hard Core gear because of the quality and durability of these products.

Hard Core Decoys feature ArmorCoated paint schemes, unique natural head positions, life-like appearance, and high definition feather detailing. The WhaleTail Keel allows the decoy to ride evenly in the water and creates life-like movement with little current. The Hard Core Pre-Rigged Decoys are ready to go, right from the box. Just clip on the weight and the decoy is ready to hunt.These pre-Texas Riggged decoys include six 36” Texas Rigs with 4 oz Ball Weights.

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