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  • Hevi-Shot Hevi-Shot Hevi-Snow 12 Gauge 3" Shot #1 1500FPS (250 Rounds)


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UPC: 816383210017
Manufact. SKU: 20001
Availability: In stock (9)
Brand: Hevi-Shot

Designed to give you payloads of big pellets at higher speeds than other steel shotshells, HEVI-Snow® delivers HEVI-Shot® reliability in a big steel shell. It’s the shotshell you want when the sound of a thousand wings overhead pulls you up out of your layout blind and you have your pick of birds.

  • Our steel loads give you larger payloads at higher velocities than other steel shotshells. Boosting 1500-1550fps.
  • Safe for steel rated shotgun barrels
  • Higher speeds equal to 7% more energy
  • Non-toxic
  • Works great with HEVI-Shot® choke tubes
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