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  • Hornady Hornady .44 Cal. .430" 200 Grain XTP Projectiles (100-Count)


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UPC: 090255244106
Manufact. SKU: 44100
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Brand: Hornady

Hornady XTP Bullets are designed for high performance, high pressure hunting and defensive applications. The XTP Hollowpoint offers controlled expansion across a great range of velocities, to 1.5 times the original diameter of the bullet. A heavier than usual jacket is used to ensure that the bullet stands up to the higher pressures assosciated with hunting and defensive loads.

Specifications and Features:

  • Hornady XTP Hollow Point Bullet
  • Bullet Weight: 200 Grains
  • Bullet Diameter: .430"
  • Controlled expansion to 1.5x original diameter over a wide range of velocities
  • Heavy jacket for high pressure handgun cartridges
  • Ballistic coefficient: 0.170
  • Sectional density: 0.155
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