• Hurricane Storm Target II 20" Archery Bag Target


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Not all bag targets are created equal. Lesser-quality bag targets quickly develop dead spots that cause the target to fail, particularly when shot with arrows from today’s high-performance bows and crossbows. Hurricane bag targets, however, are known for their quality construction, and the Storm II takes that quality construction a step further by bulking up — way up. These bag targets are stuffed to the max with a weather proof fill so it will never mold, mildew or rot and can weather pretty much anything users can throw at them.

Because of that super-stuffed design, Storm II Targets deliver unparalleled target life and unbelievable arrow-stopping power, to withstand shots from the fastest bows and crossbows on the market today and even airbows. Despite that incredible projectile-stopping ability, the Storm II Targets still offer the effortless two-finger arrow removal for which Hurricane targets are known.

Storm II Targets boast vivid, high-contrast aiming points for exceptional visibility even at long range. Meanwhile, offset bull’s-eyes give the shooter plenty of aiming options without creating dead spots.

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