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  • Limbsaver Crosstech Universal IWB/OWB Holster


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UPC: 697438125018
Manufact. SKU: 12501
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The CrossTech Holster fits virtually every handgun from full frame to subcompact semiauto to revolver. It is made from a softtouch semiflexible material that feels and wears like no other holster. It can be formfitted in minutes to nearly any pistol or revolver by repositioning the adjustment bolts and heating the front holster panel with a hair dryer or heat gun. This flexible holster is extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time without the pinching poking or scratching causing the wearer to constantly reposition and defeating the purpose of carrying concealed. Its special design allows it to be configured for right or lefthanded shooters. This model has a black finish and includes a reversible belt clip for OWB or IWB wear.

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