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  • Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Gun Grease 1 Fl. Oz


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Lucas Oil is the name you know and trust when it comes to quality solvents and oils. The Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Gun Grease is designed as a premium, heavy duty firearm grease with a specialty additive system which will provide you with maximum lubrication under severe operating conditions. The unique formulation of the Lucas gun Grease will allow for protection against rust, corrosion, rain, moisture, in fresh and salt water environments. The grease will lubricate and protect the firearm against the harshest heat, friction and pressures of sustained firing.

Specifications and Features:

  • Lucas Oil 10889
  • Extreme Duty Gun Grease
  • 1 Ounce Tube
  • Smooth Tacky Consistency stays where you apply it
  • Excellent Rust Protection
  • Long Lasting all Weather Lubrication
  • Prevents Salt Water Corrosion
  • Temperature Range -20 to 540 F
  • Timken Load 80lbs (twice the min industry standard)
  • Weld Point 620 Kg (3x the min industry standard)
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