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  • Mister Twister Mister Twister 2" Teenie Clear Chartreuse 25 Pack


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UPC: 062242110121
Manufact. SKU: TT25-10
Availability: In stock (2)
Brand: Mister Twister

One of the original baits of the soft plastic revolution, the Mister Twister® Curly Tail® Grub is as deadly today as it ever was. Its productive consistency is revered by amateur and professional fishermen alike. With its perfect, fluttering underwater fish-catching action, this versatile soft plastic trailer will help put fish in the boat. Great on a jig, a finesse rig, or behind a spinnerbait or spoon.

  • A legendary original; one of the first soft plastics
  • Still widely recognized for its consistent productivity
  • Fluttering tail action puts fish in the boat
  • Great on a jig or when used as a trailer with any lure
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