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  • Mojo Decoys Mojo King Mallard


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UPC: 816740003801
Manufact. SKU: HW2460
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Brand: Mojo Decoys

The KING MALLARD is designed with the motor, battery and other components attached directly to the support pole by a specially designed structural housing which supports these components. This reduces vibration, wobble and noise. The outside of this housing is designed to fit precisely inside a flexible decoy skin, featuring a “drop in” battery and built-in remote receiver, all resulting in a smoother, quieter, faster and more user friendly decoy.

Features include:

+ Solid component housing connects motor and wings directly to support pole

+ All of these components contained in a specially designed housing, nothing supported by body.

+ Entire housing easily removed from body

+ Built-in remote receiver

+ Drop-in battery

+ Cam Lock support pole

+ Quieter flexible body

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