• Phase 5 Ambi-Battle Latch Charging Handle Assembly Red Anodized


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The Phase 5 Ambidextrous battle latch/charging handle assembly incorporates several improvements over a standard charging handle. For starters this handle was designed as a truly ambidextrous handle with the Ambi-latch. Phase 5 has upgraded the stainless coiled spring pin and increased sidewall thickness which will provide you with exceptional performance under repeated abuse and extreme situations.

Specifications and Features:

  • Phase 5 Weapons Systems ABL/CHARED
  • Ambidextrous Battle Latch and Charging Handle
  • Upgraded stainless coiled spring pin
  • Increased sidewall thickness
  • Exceptional performance under repeated abuse and extreme situations
  • Red

Fits: AR-15 for 5.56mm NATO and similar platforms

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