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  • Primegrip 15' Ratchet & Cam Buckle Set (4 Pieces)
  • Primegrip 15' Ratchet & Cam Buckle Set (4 Pieces)


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UPC: 626939253487
Manufact. SKU: 25-348
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Prevent shifting during transport with these ratcheting tie-down straps! The flat J hooks are made of low carbon steel for added durability. The ratchet and buckle both have rubber tips to prevent damage to cargo. Secure your cargo safely with these tie-down straps and buckle set!

  • Includes two ratcheting and two cambuckle tie downs
  • Vinyl covered steel hooks
  • Weather resistant
  • 4-Pack Of Camouflage Ratchet Tie Downs
  • Minimum Breaking Strength 1500 Lbs
  • Use For Loads Up To 500 Lbs
  • Super Strong Holding Power And Precise Tension Adjustment To Secure All Loads
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