• Primos Hunting Primos Rocker Strap Mossy Oak Turkey Vest


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Brand: Primos Hunting

The Rocker Vest is the perfect vest for hunters who want the ultimate in comfortable concealment, smart storage, and durable construction. The flip down lounge seat provides solid, comfortable back support so you can sit in any spot and lean back comfortably without a tree behind you. Molded pot call and box call pockets keep you calls protected and easily accessible. A waterproof cell phone pocket allows you to use your phone without taking it out. Stay cool and quenched with a handy hydration bladder pocket. And keep everything you need in the field organized and at-the-ready with extra pockets gear, calls, and stakes.

Specifications and Features:

  • Offers comfortable concealment, smart storage, & durable construction
  • Flip down lounge seat w/back support
  • Molded pot call & box call pockets
  • Waterproof cell phone pocket
  • Decoy stake pocket
  • Hydration bladder pocket (bladder not included)
  • Multiple pockets to keep gear organized
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