• PSE Fang 350 XT S2 Package Crossbow Skull Works Camo


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Shooting at 350 FPS and upgraded with an all-new buttstock design for improved shootability and balance, the Fang 350 XT has also been tricked out with enhanced string stops, a compact new scope for better visibility, and is now 1.25” shorter than previous models, making it ideal for hunting in a blind or a tree stand. Skullworks 2 colour pattern Package Incules: -Multi-Illuminated Reticle 4x32 Scope -Five Bolt Quiver -Anti-Dry Fire & Auto Safety Trigger -Three 20” Carbon Bolts With Bullet Points -Coated Foot Stirrup -Limb Dampeners -Cocking Rope -String Stops -Rail Lube Specifications: -Speed: 350-340 FPS -Power Stroke: 14 1/8” -Axle-to Axle: 19 1/8” -Draw Weight: 165 LBS -Overall Length: 33 5/8” -Mass Weight: 6.25 LBS -Kinetic Energy: 109 FT. LBS

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