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  • Remington Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge 21" Turkey Barrel


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UPC: 047700246154
Manufact. SKU: 24615
Availability: Out of stock
Brand: Remington

If you have been looking to convert your old, reliable Remington 870 Express field or home defense shotgun into a fantastic turkey gun, then this is the barrel you need. This factory replacement barrel is built by Remington for use on most Remington 870 Express models. It is the perfect replacement barrel to take on Tom Turkey! This 21" barrel features a smooth bore perfect for buckshot, birdshot or rifled slugs making it a very versatile barrel to turn your shotgun into a close quarters brush hunting machine!

Specifications and Features:

  • 12 Gauge
  • 21" Long
  • Smooth Cylinder Bore
  • Bead Sight
  • Matte Blued

Note: This barrel is thread to accept RemChoke pattern choke tubes and must be used with a choke installed.

Fits: Remington 870

Includes: Extended Full Choke

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