• Rinehart Rhino Archery Bag Targets


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Perfect for your personal bow range, the Rinehart Rhino Bag represents the next evolution in bow targets. With Dual Layered Power Band Technology this multi layered target bag is based on sound engineering and the science behind it, not somebody's best guess. It features a burlap arrow stopping core, followed by an energy robbing cut foam blend that allows easy arrow removal. A water proof barrier is covered by a polypropylene wrap to protect your arrows. Finally it's sealed in the most UV stable polyester shell available, for all weather all season protection year round!

Featuring a bullseye on the target face, it also has 12 target dots on the opposite side. The easy carry handle and compact size allows you to take it anywhere you need to. Make sure your bow is tuned to perfection before the next hunting season arrives, and keep it sighted in all season long with a Rhino Bag from Rinehart Targets.

Note: Not rated for crossbows.

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