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  • Stoeger Stoeger 12 Gauge Coach Gun  20" Barrel


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UPC: 686775026454
Manufact. SKU: 31460
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Brand: Stoeger

When you think of a traditional shotgun, often, you think of those classic, double-barrel, side-by-side designs used for fending off robbers of the Old West stagecoaches of the late 1800s, right? Well, for those who want a taste of those classic cowboy days, the Stoeger Coach Gun is available as a modern-day reproduction of these classic scatterguns.

While the Stoeger Coach Gun is purpose-built for use in today's Cowboy Action shooting arena, there's nothing that says you can't count on this potent, double-barrel gun for home-defense or just plain range fun. The shotgun will chamber all 2.75- and 3-inch shotshells you can find and is outfitted with traditional double triggers.

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